Our Vision

What We Do


• Train parents and carers dealing with behaviours of concern in trauma informed, nurture focused NVR parenting.

• Train parents, carers and practitioners to become NVR trainers.

• Raise awareness of NVR and the impact of trauma.

Our Approach


At NVR Practitioners Consortium, we prioritise building or rebuilding the relationship between parent/carer and child/young person. We recognise that behaviour is a form of communication.

Our work is always trauma informed. We recognise that most, if not all, families dealing with challenging behaviour are affected by trauma, which can both trigger and be triggered by the behaviours. We therefore prioritise self-care for parents, carers and professionals. 


Our group courses are facilitated, wherever possible, by a therapist and a parent/carer together, both trained and experienced in NVR. The lived experiences of parents and carers who have embedded NVR principles and practices in their families is particularly powerful. For parents/carers, it demonstrates that NVR works. For professionals, it helps them gain insight into the realities of living and dealing with challenging behaviour.

We find that combining parents/carers' lived experience with the psychological and therapeutic knowledge, skills and experience of a trained therapist is particularly powerful.

Meet the Team


Dawn Oliver, Director and NVR UK Accredited Practitioner & Supervisor

Dawn was trained in NVR by Michelle Shapiro in 2015. Dawn has theoretical knowledge and personal experience in the fields of autism, adoption and person-centred approaches.  

Dawn has delivered NVR training to parents of children with SEND in schools. She is also co-facilitating NVR trainings for adoptive parents both in person and online as well as working directly with families.


Sophie Doswell, Director and NVR UK Informed Practitioner

Sophie is a HCPC chartered Clinical Psychologist, with twenty years’ experience working in the NHS with children and adults with learning disabilities and their families. 

Sophie completed the NVR Foundational Training in May 2018. Following this training, Sophie co-facilitated what we think is the first group undertaken with parents of adults with learning disability who have challenging behaviour. 

In addition to group work, Sophie has used NVR on a one to one basis with parents of children and adults with learning disability and has attended parent guidance days, supporting the use of NVR by parents and professionals.


Rachel Braverman, Director and NVR UK Informed Practitioner

Rachel discovered NVR just in time. Her adopted son has significant and complex needs, which nearly led to the placement breaking down. Adopting NVR principles has led to the violence reducing from daily/going on for hours to occasional and short-lived episodes, transforming the atmosphere at home.

In her professional life, Rachel was already an experienced trainer and facilitator, so she was delighted to be able to train as an NVR practitioner with Michelle in 2018. She  works one-to-one with parents/carers and has facilitated a variety of groups, in person and  online.

michelle shapiro, director and founder of nvr practitioners


Michelle Shapiro trained with Professor Haim Omer, the originator of the NVR Parenting Approach, in 2005, when he came to the UK for the one and only time. This was during Michelle's 10-year stint as a Clinical Psychologist in an NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). She then integrated NVR into her work with individual families . Michelle also facilitated many NVR groups of parents and carers. Recognising the enormous difference NVR could make if it was widely available, Michelle also focused on training and supervising clinicians to offer this effective modality to their clients. 

Michelle started NVR Practitioners Consortium in 2016 so her work in the field would continue and to disseminate knowledge about NVR more widely. She is now retiring from practice. 

We are incredibly grateful for Michelle's inspiration, guidance and foresight in founding our organisation and we look forward to continuing her excellent work.


For more information about any of our training services or to book a course, contact our team today.